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Castle Creek Hydro - runner repair

British Columbia, Canada



Turbine: Two (2) double nozzle Pelton


Generator: Two 4000kW Hyundai Ideal @ 600 RPM


Rated head: 266m


Rated flow: 1.75m3/sec each turbine


Commissioned: April 2015

The runner buckets of one of the runners were severely worn after about 6 months of operation due to the sediment in the water.  All buckets were repaired by building up by welding, followed by grinding and polishing.  The repaired runner was heat treated to relieve any heat stress from welding and then checked for its dynamic balance before it was sent back to the plant.


Before repairs:

Worn Pelton Turbine Runner Bucket

After repairs:

Repaired Pelton Turbine Runner Bucket

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