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Made in Canada


Gosan Hydro

South Korea



Turbine: One 600mm Vertical Francis


Generator: One 600kW Induction Generator @ 900 RPM


Commissioned: January 2010

The purpose of this project is to contribute to the international effort to prevent global warming as part of the government policy which promotes the development of renewable energy technology in Republic of Korea.

The plant is located in front of the settling pond in the Gosan Water Purification plant.  Water is drawn from Woonmoon Dam through a water supply pipeline.  The turbine was designed by DTL and manufactured in Korea.  The generated power is being fed to the electric grid.



Vertical Francis Hydropower Plant in South Korea


Vertical Franics Turbine

Turbine and inlet valve


Control Panel for a Vertical Francis Turbine in South Korea

Control panel

Hydraulic Power Unit for a Vertical Francis Turbine in South Korea

Hydraulic power unit


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