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Made in Canada


Klemtu II Hydro

British Columbia, Canada



Turbine: One 820mm double nozzle Pelton


Generator: One 1800kW WEG @ 900 RPM


Rated head: 310m


Rated flow: 0.66m3/sec


Commissioned: November 2009

This new facility replaces the existing 600kW power plant of which the generation equipment was also supplied by DTL (see Klemtu Village project in 1984).  It provides increasingly demanded power to this growing village.  A new penstock approximately 1000m long was installed and connected to the penstock of the 600kW plant, which draws water from Baron Lake.  Via Internet connection, the status of this plant can be viewed using any Internet browsers.

In 2012, the Pelton turbine runner was repaired in our shop for a broken bucket and a number of worn and damaged buckets.


Hydropower Penstock in Klemtu, BC


Pelton Turbine Hydropower Plant in Klemtu, BC



Pelton Hydro Turbine Inlet Valve in Klemtu, BC

Turbine inlet valve

Pelton Hydro Turbine

Double Nozzle Pelton Turbine


Pelton Turbine Runner

Runner and injector

Hydropower Plant Tailrace in Klemtu, BC


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