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Packers Creek Hydroelectric Project

Chignik Lagoon, Alaska, USA



Turbine: double nozzle Pelton


Generator: 160kW Potencia @ 720 RPM


Rated head: 90m


Rated flow: 0.227m3/sec


Commissioned: 2015

The project operates by routing water from an intake on Packers Creek to a Pelton turbine in the powerhouse.  Two automated injectors regulate the amount of electricity generated by adjusting the water flow to the turbine.  The hydraulic response time of the penstock is too slow for the injectors alone to regulate turbine output to match community load.  A water-cooled load bank is included with the switchgear and controls to improve the system response to load changes.  When water flow in Packers Creek is insufficient to meet community electrical demand with the hydroelectric project, the turbine-generator will operate in parallel with the existing diesel power plant.

The benefits of this project include alleviation of some economic hardships, elimination of thousands of gallons of diesel, heating of school or other local structures by excess energy, improvements to local infrastructure such as freezer/processing facility, and reduction of the needs of hauling, storing and consuming fossil fuels.

The project has been running since spring of 2015 and now provides 94 percent of the community's energy, saving the town about $500 a day on fuel costs.


Wall Mounted Pelton Turbine Control Panels

Wall mounted control Panels

 Pelton Hydro Turbine

Pelton turbine during installation

Pelton Hydro Turbine Failsafe Deflector System

Turbine failsafe deflector system

Pelton Hydro Turbine Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic power unit



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