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The 500 mm Propeller turbine at the Puan underground power house.

The 500 mm Propeller turbine.

Puan Hydro, Korea


bulletTurbine: 500mm Propeller
bulletGenerator: 200 KW @ 1200 RPM
bulletRated head: 19.6 m
bulletRated flow: 1.18 m3/sec


The turbine generator unit is located in an underground powerhouse which delivers water to a water treatment plant, as well as providing electrical power to the facility.


The Puan water treatment facility.
Water treatment facility
   The dam used to supply water to the underground power house also serves as a reservoir feeding the water treatment plant.
Dam feeding the facility
   Propeller turbine runner mounted in housing. The pitch diameter is 500 mm, producing 200 kW at 1200 RPM.
500 mm runner

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