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Quinsam Hatchery Hydroelectric Project

Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada



Turbine: One pump turbine


Generator: One 45kW three phase induction generator @ 1200 RPM


Rated head: 21m


Rated flow: 0.263m3/sec


Commissioned: 2013

Water is supplied to Quinsam Hatchery from Cold Creek by gravity pipeline.  The available excess head at the point of delivery to the facility is used to produce electricity through this micro hydroelectric turbine-generator unit.  The generated electrical power helps in reducing the facility's annual operating budget in which power for electric pumps is a significant element.  The project can also demonstrate the implementation and integration of small hydro technology into fish hatcheries. 



Pump Turbine Generator

Turbine-generator unit

Pump Turbine Control Panel

Control panel



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