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Made in Canada


Tapjeong Dam Hydro

South Korea



Turbine: One 850mm Vertical Kaplan


Generator: One 450kW Induction Generator @ 600 RPM


Rated head: 9.5m


Rated flow: 4m3/sec


Commissioned: 2010

The plant is located at the foot of Tapjeong Dam of a rural water reservoir.  Water discharged from the turbine is being fed to the irrigation system.  The turbine was designed by DTL and manufactured in Korea.  The generated power is being fed to the electric grid.



Vertical Kaplan Turbine-generator Powerhouse in Korea


Vertical Kaplan Turbine-generator

Turbine-generator unit and control panel


Hydraulic Power Unit for a Vertical Kaplan Turbine in Korea

Hydraulic power unit



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