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Tasiilaq Hydro




Turbine: One 650mm double nozzle Turgo


Generator: One 1200kW Alconza @ 600 RPM


Rated head: 92.5m


Rated flow: 1.662m3/sec


Commissioned: late 2004

This hydroelectric power plant is located on the Praestefjeld near the town of Tasiilaq on the east coast of Greenland.  It was owned by Nukissiorfiit (Greenland Power Company) and was the second such power station to generate electricity for a town.  It substitutes three diesel power generators to supply electricity for lights and power and partly for heating purposes and is capable of parallel operation and load sharing with the diesel power generators.

The main water reservoir for the power plant is lake 160 (Reservoir 160), located approximately 2000m upstream of lake 100 (Reservoir 100).  The water flow from Reservoir 160 is controlled in accordance with the electrical power demand, such that the water level at the intake (in Reservoir 100) is stable within given limits.  The river flow is diverted by a 1200m long penstock from the intake at lake 100 and then returned to the sea by a 50m long tailrace canal.



Hydropower Water Intake Gate

Intake gate under construction

Hydropower Water Intake Gate House in Tasiilaq, Greenland
Intake gate house at Reservoir 160

15kW Propeller Turbine Supplies Power for the Intake Gate House

Inside the intake gate house.  A 15kW propeller turbine unit supplies power for the house

Turgo Hydro Turbine Powerhouse in Tasiilaq, Greenland

Powerhouse on the ocean


Turgo Hydro Turbine-generator in Tasiilaq, Greenland

1200kW turbine generator unit

Turgo Hydro Turbine Runner and Injectors

Runner and injectors inside the turbine housing

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