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Waterfall and old power house.

Waterfall and old power house.

The 0.25 m Francis turbine developes 20 kW over a 12 meter head

The 0.25 m Francis turbine.


Tsuniah Lake,
British Columbia, Canada


bulletTurbine: 0.25 m Francis
bulletGenerator: 20 KW
bulletRated head: 13 m
bulletRated flow: 0.2 m3s

This facility provides power for a remote fishing lodge. Electronic governing and load controls ensures there is sufficient power available for all base loads. This frees the owner from having to maintain a close watch on the total system load.

The intake pond settels out any sediment before enteriing the penstock.

The intake pond.

    The power house set close to the river to maximize the available head.

Power house discharges into river.

    The penstock firmly anchored to concrete blocks descends to the power house.

Penstock entering power house.

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