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Zeballos Lake Hydro

British Columbia, Canada




Main powerhouse: two 770mm Horizontal Francis


Fish flow powerhouse: one 540mm Horizontal Francis



Main powerhouse: two 10000kW WEG @ 720 RPM


Fish flow powerhouse: one 3400kW WEG @ 900 RPM


Rated head: 222.4m for 770mm turbines and 172.4m for 540mm turbine


Rated flow: 5m3/sec for each 770mm turbine and 1.88m3/sec for 540mm turbine


Commissioned: 2009

This project is located near the town of Zeballos in British Columbia, Canada.  They are designed primarily for energy delivery directly into BC Hydro grid via. a new 18.6km long transmission line. 

Designed by DTL with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to increase the screen surface area to structure size and weight ratio as well as to keep the water approaching velocity through the screens below an allowable value, the 'gear-shaped' intake structure diverts water to the powerhouses via a 900m tunnel, low and high pressure penstocks, bifurcations, shut off valves.  This intake was also designed to eliminate sediment and debris from the diverted water. 

The main powerhouse operates on the level control of the lake, and the fish flow powerhouse was designed to operate all year round to maintain water flow in the creek.  The power plants are normally operated in automatic mode.


CFD Optimized Hydropower Water Intake

Lake Intake Structure Installation

Francis Hydro Turbines Installation and Construction

Main Powerhouse under construction


Francis Hydro Turbines Powerhouse

Main Powerhouse

Francis Hydro Turbine Powerhouse

Fish Flow Powerhouse


10MW Francis Hydro Turbine Generator

770mm Francis Turbine and Generator

Francis Hydro Turbine Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels


Hydraulic Power Unit for Francis Hydro Turbine in Zeballos Lake Hydropower Plant

Hydraulic Power Unit




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