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Zeballos Lake Refurbishment Project



Project location: Zeballos, BC


Turbine: Three (3) horizontal Francis


Generator: Two 10000kW and one 3300kW

During trip tests, the runner was destroyed by foreign objects that came through the penstock. The surfaces of the wicket gates on the runner side as well as the head cover and discharge ring close to the runner inlet were also damaged. The damaged parts are shown in the pictures below. The damaged areas on the head cover and discharge ring were built up by welding and then machined to finish. The runner blade inlet edges were machined to remove the damaged sections. Then each blade was restored by welding a piece of stainless steel plate to the machined inlet edge followed by grinding and polishing to finish. The finished runner was checked for dynamic balance. The wicket gates were ground to remove most of damaged areas. Larger dents and gouges were welded, ground and polished to finish. A new set of wicket gate bearings was also supplied.


Francis Turbine Head Cover

Damaged Headcover

Francis Turbine Wicket Gate

Damaged Wicket Gate


Francis Turbine Runner

Damaged Runner

Francis Turbine Assembly

Assembly Check

Francis Turbine Runner 

Finished Runner

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