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Hydroelectric Generator

Hydropower is a clean and natural way to source energy from water. Unlike solar energy, its supply is constant, and almost everyone can reap the benefits from it. In fact, you can install a hydroelectric generator in your home or office and start using this clean source of energy today.

But we understand that you might have questions about how these generators work and if they’re a viable option for your home. So to put your concerns to rest, here’s everything to know about hydroelectric generators and why you should call Dependable Turbines to get yours today!


Dependable Turbines Hydroelectric Generator


How Does a Hydroelectric Generator Work?

In simple terms, by harvesting the energy of flowing water, a hydraulic turbine turns it into mechanical energy. Then, a hydroelectric generator converts that energy into electricity. Of course, the size of a generator determines how much power it can produce.


These devices can supply your entire home with power, and you’ll even have some left over for storage. But if you don’t want to store the energy, you can always sell it back to the grid.


What Do You Need to Install a Hydroelectric Generator?

If you want a micro-generator in your home, there are a few things you’ll need first. To start, your home or business should be near a river or stream. The good thing about these micro generators is that you don’t need an entire dam or a large water reservoir for them.


For the next part, you can call Dependable Turbines, and we will help you build a run-of-the-river (ROR). With it, we won’t have to disrupt the water flow or impact the environment in any way.


Is a Hydroelectric Generator an Option for My Home?

Countless people in the world are missing out on the incredible benefits of hydroelectric power because they don’t think it’s an option for them.


But before you get your new generator from Dependable Turbines, first consider what the head and flow rates of your water site are. If you want to get the most out of your generator, the site needs to have a maximum flow rate.


Then, you need to look at what kind of water turbine generator will fit your needs. Keep in mind that these turbines come in a wide variety of different sizes and models. They can have different structures, designs, and diameters, so not all of them can work in your home.


Luckily, even if you don’t know how to measure the flow rate or which water turbine you need, Dependable Turbines is ready to help. Our team of experts will do all of the work for you and guide you through the entire process.


How Powerful Is a Hydroelectric Generator?

How much power your generator can create will depend on how big it is. Lucky for you, we have turbines that have a capacity of up to 10 MW. What’s more, we can offer different turbine types: Turgo, Francis, Pelton and Propeller/Kaplan depending on the site specifics.


But before you settle on any model, size, or brand, make sure to give us a call. We can help you decide which one is right for you.


How Much Does a Hydroelectric Generator Cost?

Every home and business is different and has specific needs, which will determine the cost of the generator. That’s why we recommend that all of our customers fill out a simple pricing form on our website. By doing so, we at Dependable Turbines can give you a quote or a budget price.


Of course, if you have any additional questions about your generator, feel free to contact us right away. We’ll assist you through the entire process and make it as seamless and as pleasant as possible.


Refurbishing and Repairing a Hydroelectric Generator

In addition to supplying and installing generators, we also specialize in mechanical design, refurbishing turbines, and do site assessments. Our customers can call us for spare parts, runner replacement, and used equipment.


We will also give you engineering updates and tell you if your generator could benefit from a design change. Of course, we have plenty of experience doing both large- and small-scale jobs.


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