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Potable Water Systems

Access to clean drinking water should be simple and easy at all times. Thanks to potable water systems, households and private businesses have access to drinking water at all times.

As you are probably aware, we will experience more and more problems with water deficiency in the future. That's why quality drinking water systems are so important for every family and business.


Potable Water Systems - A Quick Intro

Potable water systems provide drinking water for people. More precisely, pipes and other aids deliver water to everyone who needs it. Some of those drinking water systems are public, and some are privately owned.


Potable Water Generators' Role in Potable Water Systems

In essence, these generators give us drinking water through different processes.


There are two main types of generators:

  • Freshwater generators (FWG), which turn seawater into freshwater. Marine vessels use them to get water that the crew needs.
  • Atmospheric water generators, which use cooling methods to provide water. Basically, they take the moisture from the air and turn it into water.

Freshwater Generators — How They Work

Did you know that freshwater generators use three methods to make drinking water? There's boiling, evaporating, and reverse osmosis (RO). Each of the methods, however, comprises two phases:

  1. Getting freshwater
  2. Getting potable water

First, seawater goes into the condenser and then moves on to the evaporator. There, the water turns into a water mist. That mist then passes through the demister, which removes the salt. Finally, the salt-free mist turns into freshwater.


But even though the freshwater is now free of salt, that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for drinking just yet. It still has to go through the potable water treatment, which changes the pH value of the water. Since the treatment also removes all bacteria, it also makes the water potable.


Atmospheric Water Generators — The Fascinating Method

These highly innovative generators use humidity from the air and turn it into potable water in a few steps.


First, a centrifugal fan sucks the air up into the system. There, the humidity becomes water, which then drips down into a holding tank. Now, on its way down, the water goes through several filters, becoming potable in the process. The first set of filters remove hard substances and dirt, thus making room for oxygen. The next filter deals with RO, while the third filter kills the bacteria. Eventually, you get water free of chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals.


The Reason You Should Get a Potable Water Generator at Home

Every city and town has functional potable water generators. But the more people are moving to these areas, the harder the generators need to work. Thus, generators often break down, and pipes start leaking while providing more water. When that happens, you might take a sip of water full of dirt and E.Coli.


If you get your home generator unit, you could have at least 20 liters of drinking water a day. Also, you could even get off the water grid completely. Imagine that — being free of the city's water billing!


Why a Private Business Needs a Potable Water Generator

If you run a private business, why not consider getting a private water generator? Using communal water can be costly, unreliable, and sometimes unhealthy when leakage occurs. In other words, having a private water generator means lower costs. Plus, you will always have access to healthy water for your staff and business needs.


How You Can Benefit from Potable Water Systems

If you install a potable water system, you will know for sure there is nothing wrong with the water you drink. However, you will have other benefits, including:

  • Improved health safety — Pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria, dirt, and pipe rust can easily get into communal drinking water. Toxic chemicals like motor oil, paint, and soap could also find their way to your water supply.
  • Chance to save money — You can invest more money elsewhere instead of buying bottled water.
  • Eco-friendly approach — Don't forget; plastic bottles hurt the environment. In other words, private drinking water systems are eco-friendly.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, potable water systems are making their way into homes and businesses. You should ride this wave. It is a smart, cheap, and safe choice for the future.


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